Monday, August 6, 2012

A Night at the Museum

Last month I attended the Melbourne Museum 'Smart Bar', an evening which was part of the The 'Big Kids' Night Out' series of events where over 18s can attend museums, exhibitions and galleries outside of normal opening hours, free of rowdy kids and big school groups, listen to guest speakers discussing more adult themes (insect mating or syphillis, anyone?) with the added bonus of libations. I love these kind of places but abhor crowds so evening events like this are perfect for me, for as busy as it was on the night it had nothing on school holidays! I went to the first rendition of the SmartBar and this one was enhanced by the opening of another floor, the addition of more presenters and activities and the fact that they had more than three people serving at the bar...

My hair is going through a horrible growing out phase while I debate whether to go back to the pixie or let it get long again (seriously, I'm calling it the Sherlock after the latest BBC rendition - look it up, get a mental image then weep for me) so you will see a lot of hats until I make up my mind. I bought this one at a recent  The Way We Wear Vintage Fair, and given the very sexy crowd at the last event I knew I could bust it out without getting too many stares (I read a tweet on the night which said if the museum was bombed the entire hipster population of melbourne would have been destroyed, but I think the crowd was too obviously enjoying themselves to really be classified that way!)

 (A live specimen outside on the walk home - hello possum!)


This time they opened up the amazing Mind and Body exhibit, which meant fun photo-ops in the visual illusion room! At the moment I'm reading a book on how magicians exploit quirks in the brain and senses to deceive us - fabulous stuff.

Of course, no trip to the museum is complete without visiting my favourite derpy otter:

Seriously THAT FACE asdfhak. Somebody needs a hug.

I also got photographed by a street style blogger on the night, so I will be sharing the link with you when those go online! Can't wait, eee. She's a much better shot than me and captured all the little details of my outfit. 

I can't wait for the next Big Kids' Night Out - here is hoping the next one includes the Australian History wing, so I can nab me some Gayware when nobody is looking ohohoho~


Lisa said...

I think the hat was a GREAT cover up for a not so confident hair's FAN.TAST.TIC! Seriously. Reminds me of something you'd see the best girl friend wear in a Doris Day movie (ie, my idea of high praise). I also love all the backdrops for your photos...why don't they have an adult-night at our museums? It sounds like so much fun! PS: That otter's face. Just wow.

Dial V for Vintage said...

Oh my, you look stunning! So glamourous! That outfit is divine, and I had to laugh really hard with that otter. :D

Emma said...

Hi Emmi my hair is also in that awkward stage while I grow it out. I resorted to hats aswell! x

Trina44 said...

Great Museum!

Rebeccak said...

Ahhh! That otter is amazing!! It is specimens like this that makes me want to taxidermy - too funny. I also love your outfit - with that hat, no one is thinking about the hair - you look amazing!

Randi said...

Perfect ensemble for a night at a museum, oh so sophisticated! And, oh my goodness, that otter....look at that face, I don't know whether to cry or laugh!

harbourmaster said...

Oh dear god. That otter. Oh man, I can't even. I'm dying of laughter but feel a bit sad for the bugger.

You, on the other hand, look AH-MAH-ZING. Seriously chic. Even pulling otter face.

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